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Saturday, May 2, 2015

May Currently

Anyone else feeling the simultaneous relief/panic that May is here? On the one hand, I am itching for the end of the school year. My firsties seemed to have checked out already and work is getting more and more stressful. On the other hand, I still feel like I have so much more left to teach them before they move on to second grade! When am I going to find the time?!

Here is this month's Currently, hosted by Farley.

Listening: Recently, the boy and I have been into watching Netflix documentaries. Last night was lions and tigers. Today? Nature's Great Events. It usually consists of me squealing over all the cute animals and being irrationally upset when something is killed and/or eaten.

Loving: This is the first weekend in what seems like forever that I have had no obligations and let me tell you, it has been wonderful so far! I love being able to have some time to sit around and worry about nothing. Just what I needed!

Thinking: Is it that time in my life? I feel like it's getting to be that time in my life. My rent right now is more than I'd pay for a monthly mortgage. And it's feeling silly that the boy and I each pay rent in our own places but are with each other all the time. Decisions, decisions. I've been stalking the Zillow website like a madwoman.

Wanting: I've had a lot of inspiration for some new products but am feeling a bit stuck. I know once I push myself to get going, things will get easier. Right now, I am working on some PARCC prep for primary students, some write and wipe math practice, and some major revisions on some older products.

Needing: See above. Do we seriously only have a few weeks left?

Summer Yes: The boy and I have planned a long weekend down in the Shawnee National Forest. We thought it would be nice to have a mini-vacation to look forward to. We rented a cabin and will spend the weekend adventuring throughout the area. I also will spend some time up at home with family and friends.

Summer Hope: I'm pretty sure I said this back during the January Currently with my hopes for the new year. Has it happened? Nope. Am I beginning to get frustrated with myself? Absolutely. Plenty of teachers are in good shape and find the time/energy to get their behinds to the gym. So what is my deal? 

Summer Dream: I'll be in two classes this summer. I will finish my Masters next spring and am already starting to feel the is-this-over-yet itch. Hopefully my classes this summer don't drive me too crazy.


  1. Have fun house hunting! Keep us posted...


  2. Paige - I love having no plans for the weekend! Ahh, so relaxing. Can't wait for summer!
    Teaching and Much Moore

  3. Finishing your masters...that's probably a big contributor to why your not at the gym! Good Luck! I'm jealous about your long weekend plans in the summer!

    Heidi Neels
    Flipping for First

  4. I am with you on the gym thing....several of my colleagues go to the gym together. I swear the weight that they lose, I am gaining! LOL But all of them are either child-free or their kids are grown and gone. I have ZERO energy to get my butt into the gym and I'm working on my doctorate so my evenings are full of grad time, no time :( Maybe I'll buy an exercise bike. I can read for grad school and exercise at the same time! :)