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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Needing Math Games? I've Got You Covered!

It's been a while, dear blog.

While my blog has taken a bit of a back seat lately, I have had a few sparks of creativity this summer when it comes to products for my TPT store.

A while ago, I did a blog post about the beginnings of math workshop in my first grade classroom. This was towards the end of my second year teaching. As I prepare to enter my fourth year, I am so glad I decided to take the math workshop plunge.

Every day, my students get to go to the math facts center. In first grade, this takes the form of games that have students practicing their addition and subtraction fact fluency. But like I said, all of my kids go to this station every. single. day.  One question I get a lot is "Where do you get all the games?" We all know that novelty and choice are the key to keeping our students' interests piqued.

Here's my little secret: My first graders basically play the same math games all year long. But they don't know it. The trick? Switching out the clipart. Slightly changing the rules. Adding another die to the mix. Voila! They think they are playing an entirely different game! Best day ever!

This is why I love Bump. Once I teach my students the rules, they are good to go for the whole year. They get so excited when a new month/season/holiday rolls around and I set out some new bump boards.

With Bumpin' through the Year, you get 30 different boards.  Each one is themed for a different part of the school year. Students simply follow the dice directions in the upper corner to play. Click the images below to check it out!


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