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Monday, June 22, 2015

Makeover Madness!

Although I am a bit late in the game, I am beyond excited to join in on the #tptsellerchallenge fun.  The first week's theme was something I definitely needed, as there have been a few products in my TPT store that made me cringe every time someone bought them. I think a couple of times I might have actually exclaimed aloud Why on Earth would you buy that?! 

Some of the products I ended up deleting but some I have taken the time to update throughout the past six months or so. For this challenge, I decided to focus on what was formerly called "Fantastic Fun with Nouns and Verbs".  It's almost too embarrassing to post pictures, but I guess that's half the fun :)

Okay. I don't think some of the activities in my old product were too terrible. In fact, I have used some of them with a lot of success in my past two years teaching. However, it was just an eyesore. Just look at it. It screams "outdated" and definitely did not match the other products found in my TPT store. Some of the fonts I used were not first-grade-friendly, the graphics were very, very basic (think shapes created on Microsoft word), and it just did not look like a product I would like to buy. Yikes.

So, out with the old and in with...

This past week I have been scrambling to finish this product and I am so excited that it is finally done! One of the most important things about the complete overhaul I did was that this looks like a product I would buy, which is definitely a step in the right direction when you are wanting to pique other teachers' interest!

In addition to a complete face lift (fonts, graphics, formatting, etc.), this product also includes adjectives and has a multitude of engaging resources and printables for use in the primary classroom. The product nearly tripled in size and has a larger variety of activities to engage little learners.  You can check it out in my TPT store.

Thank goodness for the #tptsellerchallenge Makeover Madness!  I am glad it gave me the kick in the behind that I needed to overhaul this product. I am so excited to print it out and use it in the fall with my first graders.


  1. Ooo, I love the new cover on your product! And the content looks amazing.