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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ringing in the New Year with Math Freebies!

It's Sunday and my back-to-school anxiety is in full swing. I haven't set foot in my classroom since I left at 3:00 on our last day before break and have completely forgotten anything and everything I had already planned out for this first week back. Anyone else in the same boat?

Hopefully some freebies will help get us all back into teacher-mode! Because there's nothing better than a good freebie, right?

Although I have a hoarders-worthy collection of math activities for my first grade classroom, there are always a few concepts I come to and feel that I need just a bit more. That is why I decided to create a series of free math printables to pull from when my students need additional reinforcement. Click through on the picture to head over to my store :)

Each freebie includes a few no-prep, print and go activities to help reinforce different first grade concepts. I am hoping to include more free math printable sets in the future, so be on the lookout over at my TPT store :)

Good luck this week!

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  1. Dear Paige, I am so grateful for another cool post of yours. You are completely right about the feeling that every teacher gets at the beginning of a new school year. And it is very generous of you to include these great freebies in the post. They will definitely help me plan the lessons better. I assure you that my teacher mode is always on when I am reading about your experience with the kids. I hope to be able to compose college essays someday for them and keep them motivated about writing.