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Friday, February 19, 2016

My Latest & Greatest: Science Prove-Its!

One thing that I love about teaching science to primary students is that they come in filled with misconceptions.  There are so many teachable moments when providing science instruction to first graders!

And, as we all know, there is a huge push for providing evidence. Every time I remind my students to explain how they know, they might say I sound like a broken record (if they knew what a broken record was...)
Me: Providing evidence means can't just tell me the answer, you have to...
My Rockstar Firsties: PROVE IT!
Ah, music to this teacher's ears!

This is where my idea of science "Prove-Its" came from.

Students are given a scenario and they must prove their answer!  My students' favorites were some of the prompts that included misconceptions, such as the example below. They loved explaining to their "sister" why she was so wrong!

I really saw a difference when it was time for our summative assessment. Students performed exceedingly well because they weren't just memorizing facts and answers; they knew the why and how behind them!

Writing + Evidence + NGSS Science + Higher-Level Thinking = WIN!  Check them out in my store and let me know what you think!

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