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Friday, October 10, 2014

Five for Friday {October 10th}

Why hello there, Five for Friday. It's been a while.

I am so glad to actually be writing a Five for Friday post this week. And even better? It's on time. I am sitting here, at my mom's school, in her fourth grade classroom, writing this week's post. Because I, Ms. Paige Nordland of Illinois, have taken my first ever personal day! A long weekend turned into an extra-long weekend? Don't mind if I do!
After seeing all of the adorable Halloween stuff pop up this week, I knew I had to prep something similar for my students. After seeing Cara's post about the eyeball ten frames, I basically sprinted out the door to the dollar store to get some for myself! I also found cute number bonds cards to use with unifix cubes and this spider match-up to practice addition sentences. My kids l-o-v-e-d it!

This week, we wrapped up our study on landforms. My students really enjoyed making these landforms foldables from Jen Ross. They were a great way for students to show what they learned about our world's different landforms!

This week, we received the unfortunate news that a second grader at our school was undergoing surgery for a cancerous brain tumor. Although my first graders don't really know him personally, we decided to spend Monday morning making cards for him. I was blown away by some of the adorable things my friends wrote to him! The one in the middle says "I hope you have fun like flying a kite with your mom" and the end one says "The school is not the same without you". How cute!

Yesterday, we received the best news we could have hoped for - they were able to remove all of the tumor. I am hoping the cards put a smile on his face during his recovery!

I already told you I'm at my mom's school. Which right now kind of looks like this in some places. They are going through huge renovations and some of the teachers are without classrooms. This is the school's new "library" - how crazy is that? I've been coming here for almost 20 years and the layout is unrecognizable. It really puts some of the smaller renovations into perspective!

My trip home meant a stop at Anthropologie. One of those times I wish I made more than a teacher's salary because everything was so stinkin' cute! 

While my hometown might be boring at times, you can't beat adorable downtown Libertyville!

And on a final note, hockey is back! Started off the season with a Blackhawks win!


  1. I also bought some of those pumpkin trays from The Dollar Store!!! I kept seeing posts about them on Instagram and knew that I had to have them!!! The cards for the student at your school are so cute - glad that he got good news after the surgery!!


  2. I keep hearing about those pumpkin trays too! I better get to the dollar store or I am going to miss out! I also have been meaning to pick up themed erasers for math workshop time and for counting collections, etc.
    Yay for the first personal day! I have never used one but I know eventually I will. I am sure yours was well deserved and I hope you enjoyed it! Your mom's school sounds like it is totally being changed - where are the teachers without classrooms? I am sure in the end it will look fabulous!

  3. I just nominated you for a Liebster Award for new bloggers! Check out my post here to accept your nomination:

    1. :)