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Friday, October 31, 2014

Franken-Pudding Fun!

I'm not usually into Halloween. It's just not my thing. But for some reason, I've been getting pretty into it this year when it comes to teaching. And let me tell you - my firsties are absolutely loving it! So I guess it's really not all about me and what I like...imagine that!

So with that being said, I introduce to you - Franken-Pudding Day! A new Ms. Nordland tradition. Or so I hope, seeing as it's only happened once.

I know instant pudding is far from rocket science, but with my horrendous cooking resume and extended list of easy things I've messed up, I was still a bit nervous that things wouldn't turn out! Especially since we were making a quadruple-sized batch.

Luckily, our pudding-making escapade seemed to go quite smoothly! In order to get all of my students involved in helping, I wrote down different roles on slips of paper. I had sixteen different "dumpers" (to dump in pudding mix and cups of milk), four different "stirrers" (to stir after each round of dumping), and four "colorers" who each added some food coloring to the mix. The kids loved watching each other contribute to our class Franken-Pudding. Their excitement and energy was infectious!

Seriously, could these be more adorable?! So worth the extra ten minutes before school spent on drawing on little monster faces :)

Next up was describing our Franken-Pudding! This adorable flapbook was just perfect for our current study on adjectives. We took turns brainstorming different adjectives to describe our pudding using the five sentences. When we finished, students got to add some color and creativity. I don't think I've ever seen them so excited to bust out their crayons and markers!

The entire reason why I did this activity with my kids was to introduce procedural writing. When all was said and done, we put the steps down on paper. I am hoping that next week when we dive into our procedural writing unit students can look back on this memorable activity to help them remember how to write a how-to (see what I did there?)

The above activities came from Cara's FrankenFUN freebie pack. Have I mentioned how much I love everything she does? Fabulous lady is 110% fabulous.

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