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Monday, July 20, 2015

Child-Approved Learning Games

In my reader's workshop and math workshop, one of the rotations available to students is technology. During their technology center, students use either the computers or the tablets to play learning games. {The games in this posting are all computer-based}.

The following games are the ones I notice my students gravitating towards most often. Best of all, they are completely free!

Granny Prix: To a seven year old, there aren't too many things funnier than a granny wheelchair race. This game is available for both addition and subtraction. At the beginning of the game, students get to customize their granny.

Cone Crazy: Another game that has both an addition and subtraction version. Kids help the penguin scoop up some ice cream and end each level decorating their own ice cream treat.

Match Match: I think my students like this game for the bonus round (picture on the right). This game is played like concentration and has various levels of difficulty. The bonus round involves trying to clear as many little squares from the screen as possible within a time limit. 

Comparison Shootout: This becomes a class favorite after we learn about greater than and less than. It has three different levels (the highest level deals with comparing fractions) so it is truly great for students across grade levels!

Kitten Hop: Kittens. Sight words. Racing. What could be better? In this game, students can play against the computer or against other students. The computer calls out a word and students need to quickly identify the word to advance their kitten.

Jungle Jumble: This game is great for helping students with word families and chunking words. It also help students practice clicking and dragging with their mouse.

Super-Readers Challenge: A great game for early readers that has four different parts: alphabet, words, spelling, and reading. While this game is probably too easy for more proficient readers, it is fun and engaging for those still honing in on their basic reading skills.

What math/reading games do your students love to play?

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