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Friday, August 21, 2015

2015-2016 Classroom Reveal

Week one is officially in the books! I had almost forgotten how completely exhausting the first week of school is. I don't think I've slept this hard in months! I am glad that I have four days with my new first graders under my belt and am excited for all of the amazing things they will do this year. Read on for a peek at my classroom! This year, I decided to keep the camping/woodland theme and incorporate a more cohesive color scheme, which is why you will see turquoise, coral, navy, and grey/white repeated throughout :)

These were the sheets I had on their desks on the first day. They colored them while I greeted parents and got everything settled. I made my own name tags this year because I am terrible at D'nealian-style handwriting! 

This board is in the front of the room and is where I post our objectives, schoolwide expectations, clip chart, and s'mores board. The s'mores board is a group incentive (when they get 12 for outstanding behavior, we vote on an experience-based reward). My clip chart is positive only - I select a few students each day who were overall positive role models and I move their clip up one spot. When they reach the top, their clip gets a jewel. Five jewels means they move to our "wall of fame" and get to pick out a special experience-based coupon, which can be found free here!

My writing center and math bulletin board. Empty for now but not for long! My math workshop schedule is another freebie, which can be found by clicking here.

Here is what my back chalkboard area looks like. You can see a glimpse of my calendar, number line, and inspirational posters. This is also where I post my reader's workshop schedule and any current reading anchor charts that may be of use to my students.

Here is a bit of the front of my classroom. To the far left, you can see my classroom library. In the middle is our meeting area, which you can see a bit better in the second photo.

My favorite part of the room - my classroom library! Here is a view of the fiction section and the pine tree that caused me to staple through my finger this summer.

This is the area behind my small group table. It's where I store mentor texts, weekly activities, my binders, centers, small group materials, and other teacher-y tools.

What my students see outside of my classroom. I finally got around to adding a border to my outside bulletin board this year and am so relieved - it looks so much better than it did before!

A closer look at my calendar/schedule, birthday board (which has yet to be completed), and phonics sounds. I will be adding more sounds as the year goes on.

Last but not least, the extras. On the left are my early finisher drawers, which holds things such as write and wipe cards and play doh mats. On the left is where I keep our indoor recess activities.

That's it for now!

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