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Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Panicked Peek at Week #6

Weekend are notorious for quickly slipping away from us. Every Sunday I find myself wishing I had just one more day to finish everything I somehow didn't do between 3:00 on Friday afternoon and 9:00 Sunday night. I'm used to this feeling. C'est la vie - that's teacher life.

BUT something feels different this Sunday. I feel panicked. Anxious. What is happening?! I felt like I was doing work all weekend. But when I went into school this morning to get things done, my to-do list seemed to quadruple in size. Holy cow, where did all of this stuff come from? And why am I feeling unusually anxious about it? Apparently I am in need of some good vibes this week - please send any extras my way!

Apparently when we discussed the story hand last week, I accidentally taught all of the lessons in German. Okay - that's not quite true, but that's definitely how I felt when Friday rolled around and only like three of my friends could tell me how we use our story hand! Talk about yikes. So this week we will review our friend the story hand, talk about the "heart" of our stories, and I will model how to make sure we are really done with our stories.

After weeks of discussion/modeling, we are starting our Reader's Workshop/guided reading groups this week. I am so, so nervous since many first graders are far from independent at this point in the year! Our mini-lessons will center around the strategy of making text-to-self connections.

Word study this week contains more short vowel word families and working on writing quality sentences. I am hoping that at least part of what we do during word study transfers over into our writing!

We will finish up my least favorite math topic of all time - understanding subtraction. There is just something about this topic that makes it extra challenging for my first grade friends. They are so frustrated with me as I flip everything they know about addition upside-down and ask them to apply it to this whole "subtraction" deal. Luckily I dug out some great hands-on centers to use this week and am optimistic that it will contribute to their growing understanding of subtraction.

Then we've got our map skills. So far, so good. We will practice in our map skills book, draw a map of our classroom, and finish our week off with one of those adorable "Me on the Map" craftivities.

Hopefully you aren't feeling as anxious as I am about the upcoming week. Show off your fantabulous plans over at Deedee's blog!

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