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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

{Book Talk Tuesday}: Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons

I think I may have been a cat in another life. What else would explain my love of all things feline and my beloved routine of switching off between sleeping and eating? I clearly have a thing or two in common with Whiskers McMittens and Jingles McFluffington, who, by the way, really wanted to join us for Deanna's book talk link-up.

Look, Ma! We're so studious!

Whether you're a kitty fanatic or prefer other furry friends, it is impossible not to love Pete the Cat. Seriously, how cool is he? A cat who is oh-so-groovy and always manages to shake things off by saying "It's all good!" I think I could learn a thing from Pete the Cat. I also think my students can learn a thing or two from our good friend Pete and his four groovy buttons.

Pete loves his buttons. He loves them so much that he sings a song about his buttons. But apparently Pete is not buying his kitty clothes at a quality store because his buttons keep popping off one-by-one. What happens when the last button comes off? You'll just have to pick up the book to see for yourself!

I especially love this particular Pete the Cat book because it incorporates math. Helloooo, student engagement! My first graders tend to struggle with subtraction so this was a great way to incorporate practice with a cute story and a fun craft. I found the Pete template here, enlarged it, and copied it onto tagboard. 

My first grade friends hard at work!

Some finished products! Love how my one kiddo added the "It's all good" thought bubble.

A couple of unique Petes! One with extremely pointy whiskers and a floating head and one headed off to a drag queen show :)

I am always looking for great books/activities to incorporate into my classroom. If you have any you'd like to share with us, head on over to Deanna's blog and join in the linky fun!


  1. LOVE Pete the Cat....thank you for sharing your great ideas! I'm a new follower on this blog as well as your TpT store....I look forward to all your great projects and ideas. Thanks Again!

    Stephanie Ann
    Stephanie Ann (TpT Store)
    Sparkling in Kindergarten blog

  2. What a great post about a great book! I love that subtraction activity too!! Thanks for sharing!!
    FCS and Then Some