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Monday, September 15, 2014

Dear Future Me...

Find the nearest piece of wood and knock on it for me. I don't want to jinx it but as far as Mondays go, today was pretty fantastic! The kids worked hard, we got stuff done, and we even made it through our first day of full-on Reader's Workshop/guided reading without completely falling to pieces!

Today was a really good day to take a step back and realize how far we have come from the beginning of the school year. It is week six and although we are far from perfect, my first graders truly show bits and pieces of improvement each and every day. I think it's kind of like watching a snail race - at first, it doesn't seem like they're going anywhere, but after a longer chunk of time, it is easier to see the progress made. {Confession: I've never actually watched snails race. But you get the point.}

Crystal from Kreative in Kinder came up with a fantastic idea - write a letter to your future self as he/she embarks on the 2015 school year! Here is my letter, written to my future self. Who knows - maybe you can find some words of encouragement in there!

I encourage everyone to head over to Kreative in Kinder to link up with Crystal. What may seem like small words of encouragement can really go a long way with your future self and with others!


  1. I love your letter. Good luck with your Masters classes. That's awesome. Thanks for linking up!!

  2. This is what you were born to do! I love it! Any teacher that says and knows this, must be a great teacher :)

    Second Grade Sweetie Pies