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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to School 2014 - When Thursday

Last year was my first year teaching and I had so much freedom. It was almost overwhelming how much freedom I had when it came to when/how/what I taught. Key word: almost. This year, we moved to a master schedule that everyone has to follow in order to accommodate common intervention times.

Long story short - I got stuck with an awful schedule. The one everyone looked at and said "I hope I don't have that one". I had morning specials, which I was not used to. But even worse, I had reading and math back to back. Right after lunch. With less than two hours in the block. My immediate thought was How is that possible? My next thought was Seriously, HOW is that possible?

Thankfully my principal was super understanding and allowed me to shift some things around. The afternoon still feels a tad longer than I'm used to, but morning specials are growing on me :)

Here is a look inside the organized chaos of a first grade day!

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