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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Parent Orientation Night

I feel bad for Mondays. People are always hatin' on and complaining about Mondays. And I get it - it's difficult to come off of the weekend. But for some reasons, I've never really been anti-Monday.

Tuesdays are a different story. I'm not sure what it is, but I am always beyond exhausted on Tuesdays. This Tuesday, in particular, was extra busy. After a long day at work, I had to run errands, get my books, purchase my parking pass, and pick my little munchkin up from the vet. I had class at 4:30 and then zipped on over to school for parent orientation.

Thankfully, I thought parent orientation went really well. I can be a bit nervous when meeting parents for the first time since I do not know what to expect and hope that they are going to support me as I work with their children. I was much more at ease this year than I was last year (second-year teacher win). I even put together a packet of information for my parents to make things easier.

The first thing parents saw upon opening their folders was a contact sheet. I wanted to make sure parents know that I believe strongly in the parent-teacher partnership and that they may contact me with any questions or concerns. I also included a list of fun sites students can visit at home to practice math/literacy skills.

I also wanted to include some ideas to incorporate math and literacy in the home. Primary Junction has a bunch of free handouts to choose from. I got the awesome reading handout from Valerie at All Students Can Shine. The last picture is a parent volunteer form - if anyone knows who to give credit to, please let me know!

Finally, I had to include some teacher-y cheesiness. I provided water bottles and a little treat for those who attended :)

Time to reward myself for a night well done with some Bachelor in Paradise! Talk about a guilty pleasure...

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