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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to School 2014 - Where Tuesday

I'm back again with Blog Hoppin' and their Back to School 2014 link-up! Since I already "revealed" a lot of my classroom in my post here, I thought I'd get a little creative with today's "where" theme.

Here is where I go to work! Good ol' Carl Sandburg. I promise it's much more exciting than it looks on the outside. Our district went to grade level centers a while back, so Sandburg is home to approximately 600 first through third graders. Yup - there's that many of them! I'm in a pretty small town, so this is one of only two schools who hosts the younger kiddos for the whole town.

I am posted up in the east-central Illinois town of Charleston. See that itty-bitty dot on the map? Yup - here we are! See the red square all the way at the top-right of the map? That's where my hometown is. Coming down here after graduation was definitely a big change, but it's growing on me :)

Charleston is home to Eastern Illinois University. It's not my alma mater yet, but will be once I finish up my Masters in Elementary Ed with my reading specialist endorsement. Yet another aspect of this town that has grown on me in the past year - it is awesome to see the pride this community has for its university - Go Panthers!

Fun fact - Charleston was home to the first ever Jimmy Johns! The original building isn't here anymore, but that still doesn't take away from our little claim-to-fame :)

Your turn to show us where YOU teach!

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